Joe Shepard

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Coding Maven ...


Thrive Social was launched as a revolutionary application that aims to grow social media brand presence for new and established companies by increasing their target audience on Instagram and helping in the acquisition of customers, sales and conversions. This is done by using a powerful in-house algorithm that is one of its kind and has proven to be a successful method of capturing engagement from new and existing followers. Aside from using this powerful application, Thrive Social learns your brand, identifies your audience, engages with the strongest influencers in your particular space and grows your followers along with getting them to repost, comment and like your posts.


Clients will be set up with an on-boarding call with an account manager that will learn about your customer, audience, product, service and goals. You’ll share what you’ve tested and what you’ve considered testing, as well as give a clear vision of what you’d consider a successful campaign. In the end, you will have a tailor-made and polished marketing message that works efficiently to grow your brand with Instagram by putting your content in front of your target audience and establishing your brand as an authority in your space.