Jose Montero

Founder, Entrepreneur, Social Maven ...


Jose Montero is the visionary driving force of Blue. A Martin Luther King High School graduate and former RCC student, Jose has sales and leadership experience as a Personal Training Sales Manager with L.A. Fitness and Multi-Level-Marketing experience. He was 7th in the nation for weekend sales at La Fitness. He is an avid reader and self-taught learner and started his first business at age 18. Jose is Co-Founder, CEO and President of Blue.

Blue is a technology company that opens new market space as the first Peer to Peer Bluetooth Ambient Social Network. Social media and Bluetooth are converging rapidly and there are two new markets emerging to become platforms for next generation apps — social and beacons.

Blue is a mobile app that allows you to be introduced to people close by in REAL LIFE.



Blue is as simple as slapping on a name tag and forgetting about it. Using Bluetooth and their Auto-Networking™ technology, Blue does the work for you. Simply turn on Blue, slide your phone back in your pocket and as soon as you cross paths with another user in real-life, you’ll be notified in real-time!

In February 2017, Jose applied to Riverside’s Innovation Month Pitch Competition after finding out about it online. His application was accepted and he went to go to Temecula Valley Entrepreneurs Exchange to go against other individuals before advancing to the finals.

The entrepreneurs had 60 seconds to pitch the panelist and because Jose was a finalist at the Tech Coast Angels fast pitch competition in 2016, he was well prepared. Jose ended up winning the Temecula region and advanced to the finals where 13 individuals competed to become Riverside’s Innovation Month winners.

Jose knew this was his chance to show what Blue is all about. After weeks of practicing and an intense battle of 5-minute pitch presentations. Jose became the winner of Riverside’s innovation Month. He was awarded office space at the ExCITE (Center for Innovation Technology & Entrepreneurship) Program in Riverside, which also included mentoring, legal services, and more.

“Being a part of the ExCITE community has been amazing. There’s a community of like-minded individuals here in Riverside that you can surround yourself with. You don’t have to drive out to Santa Monica or LA anymore like I was, it’s all here.” he said.

After a successful Beta test, Blue is now set to launch in March for iOS in the App Store and Android in the Google Play Store. Blue will be free to download.

“Our goal with Blue is to maximize social opportunity,” he said. “Every day we cross paths with people and you’d never know who they were or what meeting them could lead to. Serendipitous connections have always led to something greater than what was expected.”