The Craft Lounge

Tenacity Meets Taproom ...


The Craft Lounge is a new company located in Beaumont California. It represents a dream of owners Jimmy Collins and Jason Valdez who decided to start the business, well, appropriately over a beer. Jason recalls sitting with Jimmy who said, “I think we can do this.” Jason responded, “I know we can do this.”

With the help of Riverside County services they navigated the logistics of starting a business and opened to a ground swell of support by the community. They were overwhelmed by the positive vibes from the first day opened.

The lounge boasts USB cabling at the tables where people can sit and recharge and enjoy company of others over a beer. They also fashioned the space with lots of community table and spaces for people to share a beer or wine. It is this spirit of passion mixed with innovation that we applaud. 

Sounds like you are the toast of Beaumont already, congrats!