Tim Jackson

Attorney, Entrepreneur, Marketing Maven ...


Mind & Mill was founded to help foster the creativity and uniqueness of some of Riverside’s most influential and budding entrepreneurs. This has been possible by tapping into what makes Riverside special and giving those that have helped shape and solidify our city as the “City of Arts and Innovation” a place to express and create, all while inspiring the innovators of tomorrow. Located in Downtown Riverside, Mind & Mill has a made an impact on the scene by providing several avenues for the community as well as startups, and giving them an opportunity to work alongside similar groups and individuals in their quest to keep Riverside prospering and leading in the field of entrepreneurship.


The first way that Mind & Mill has made an impact on the entrepreneurial community is by providing a unique and award-winning cowork. This meticulous passion project was created to give everyone, including the founders themselves, a place that they could be immensely proud to work. The cowork was designed to promote a comfortable and modern place that would allow for creativity and productivity to flourish on a daily basis. Standing desks, sitting desks, couches, phone booths and meeting rooms give the members of the cowork ample choices for their workstation for the day while enjoying the perks of lightning-fast fiber internet, freshly brewed coffee, full kitchen and even a massage chair.


Mind & Mill is also a digital marketing agency that for the past three years has worked tirelessly to earn the reputation as the premier marketing agency for some of the world’s most influential organizations. Their team of highly experienced creatives have combined their knowledge in web design, software development, search engine optimization, copywriting, and much more to give startups, as well as established companies, a chance to compete in capturing the complicated and competitive millennial consumer market.


The Toil Gallery is the award-winning art gallery that is housed within the walls of Mind & Mill. Luke Jackson, the art curator and head of artistic design, explains how having an eclectic array of art pieces helps to enhance the creative and entrepreneurial spirit. “I don’t want to simply have a gallery that operates from within Mind & Mill, but rather to embrace the entire idea that creativity comes in all form. Art and commerce are not mutually exclusive, the need each other.” The community has a chance to join in the celebration of the art and the local artists that have helped bring an exciting visual experience to Riverside during our monthly Arts Walk.


Finally, Mind & Mill is also an event space that can be used to hold private mixers, birthday parties and even weddings. The capacious space and eclectic decor help to make any event unique and definitely memorable.