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Edge Sound Research - a UCR EPIC Company

Edge Sound Research - a UCR EPIC Company

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Edge’s CEO Salomaki said UC Riverside and its EPIC Small Business Development Center have been massively supportive through mentoring, as well as strategies for fundraising, product design and business.

Edge Sound Research is poised to establish the next standard in audio formats with experiential audio systems. Armed with its mission, to use the most innovative research to understand sound at the physical and perceptual levels, its vision is to undamentally change how we perceive reality.

“Riverside is a great strategic location to start a business with minimal capital and still have the necessary resources all around, There is a lot of excitement around entrepreneurship here.” — Val Salomaki CEO, Edge Sound Research

Edge Sound Research’s co-founder, Ethan Castro, is a hard-of-hearing audio engineer and a ph.d. candidate in music. To share with others how he experiences sound, he invented an audio technology that allows you to hear sound between 0 – 20,000hz and feel sound between 0 - 2000hz.

Founders are seen sitting at their company's booth
Edge Sound Research founders at their expo booth

The company’s technology includes a new audio format, experiential audio, covering the entire range of sound frequencies, and enhancing a person’s level of immersion to all new heights. Instead of feeling like a spectator of your favorite content experiences by only hearing the sound, now you can feel as if you are actually in the moment.

“Everyone thought we were absolutely crazy when we said you could feel and hear sound, turning your environment into a high-fidelity audio system,” said Salomaki, EDGE’s CEO when giving demos to CES 2022. Perhaps the best compliment at CES came from a man who attended the show for 25 consecutive years and called ResonX “the most impressive thing” he’d ever seen.

Edge Sound Research - a UCR EPIC Company
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Edge Sound Research - a UCR EPIC Company

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