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Sensorygen - a UCR EPIC Company

Sensorygen - a UCR EPIC Company

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Sensorygen, a life science start-up founded by UC Riverside’s professor Dr. Anandasankar Ray recently closed a $1.5 million equity funding raise.  With this funding, Sensorygen will be able to continue advancing to reach the market, moving into the final phase of testing to obtain approval from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Sensorygen also recently signed a licensing deal with Urban Tribe, a brand established to improve consumer’s health and quality of life.  This deal will eventually allow Sensorygen to put their next-generation insect repellent directly into the hand of the consumer. 

Sensorygen has thus far demonstrated that its non-toxic natural repellent formula works in a superior manner compared to similar products on the market. The artificial intelligence-driven technology that is behind Sensorygen’s natural repellent is based on seminal work from Dr. Anandasankar’s laboratory at the UC Riverside. Thanks to this technology, which has been exclusively licensed from UC Riverside, Sensorygen is able to create successful replacements for harmful and harsh chemicals in everyday products. The team from the Office of Technology Partnerships has worked closely with Sensorygen from the start supporting them with their licensing, mentoring, fundraising, and business growth efforts.


Sensorygen has digitized the ingredient discovery process for the flavor & fragrances industry by using Artificial Intelligence algorithms for olfaction and taste molecular discovery. Gone is the inefficient trial and error process – Sensorygen has built digital screening platforms that accurately preselect desirable chemical properties of substitutes that are important for utility in formulations, i.e. toxicity, solubility, pH, vapor pressure, and others.


Using artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify harmful chemicals. This process would reduce the need for animal testing, would future-proof chemical ingredient portfolios and provide ultra-high throughput for new and existing chemicals


Sensorygen has identified an effective and natural broad-spectrum insect repellent as the replacement for harmful chemicals on the basis of toxicity, cost, and commercial availability.

Sensorygen - a UCR EPIC Company
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Sensorygen - a UCR EPIC Company

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