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GattaCo - a UCR EPIC Company

GattaCo - a UCR EPIC Company

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First and only at-home plasma collection; providing clinical lab-quality results without expensive equipment and techs.

GattaCo, an innovator in at-home blood collection and testing, is revolutionizing the blood testing industry with the first at-home lab quality blood plasma collection kit that removes cumbersome processing steps while increasing patient access. GattaCo’s technology supports decentralized clinical trials, direct-to-consumer, and point of care applications. 

70% of all diagnostic tests are blood tests, which are at risk for hemolysis, the bursting of red blood cells if not removed promptly from the sample. Hemolysis leads to 60% of all rejected samples and can result in misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment. 

GattaCo’s technology separates blood plasma before hemolysis occurs, thereby supporting decentralized clinical trials, direct-to-consumer, and point of care applications where lab quality samples and remote patient access are required. 

“We have created a plastic, disposable, credit card-sized device that replaces a centrifuge. It easily separates the plasma from blood automatically and it can be run anywhere, with only a few drops of blood." — Mahmoud Zubaidi, Chief Science Officer, GattaCo

Clinical lab quality plasma obtained anywhere in less than 3 minutes, and eliminates the phlebotomist, cold-chain transport, lab tech, and centrifuge infrastructure.

Clinical Lab Quality: Requires only a few drops of blood and through passive elution, extracts high quality purified plasma.

Ready-to-Use and no equipment needed: This device eliminates the challenges and errors associated with hemolysis and dried blood sample processing.

Self-collected, easy and convenient: Enables labs and researchers anywhere to engage in remote or at-home plasma collection.

Simple and Easy Workflow

  1. Drop self-collected finger-stick blood into APON Kit for passive elution.
  2. Self-collect plasma sample in less than 3 minutes
  3. USPS mail back for results at-home
Sîpon™ by GattaCo®
GattaCo - a UCR EPIC Company
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GattaCo - a UCR EPIC Company

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