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Relay® On-Demand

Relay® On-Demand

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By leveraging technology, Relay® On-Demand connects truck drivers and trucking companies together to make transportation more reliable.

Relay® On Demand was founded with a purpose to improve the lives of truck drivers and carriers and to transform how truck drivers and trucking companies work together. 

At our core, Relay® is a technology company that focuses on delivering exceptional service for our carriers while also ensuring that each of our Relay® Driver partners enjoy freedom and flexibility thereby leading a life of meaning, purpose, respect, and profitability.

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Relay® On-Demand is on a mission to make it easy to keep trucks rolling efficiently. With full transparency, high levels of driver communication and efficiency through our simple web and mobile friendly software, combined with a strong and pure mission, we are simplifying how carriers keep their trucks rolling while creating a more efficient industry.

From decades of carrier experience on our team, we know the feeling of losing loads because we didn’t have an available driver, or getting hit with service failures and dealing with driver shortages and retention.

Relay® On-Demand
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Relay® On-Demand

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