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Karma Innovation & Customization Center (KICC)

Karma Innovation & Customization Center (KICC)

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Karma’s investment in Southern California underscores its commitment to remain and do business in a state it draws so much inspiration from.

On March 9, 2019, Karma Automotive launched its new Moreno Valley-based customization and innovation hub at a ceremony attended by employees, business partners, suppliers, and local government. Rebranded as the Karma Innovation and Customization Center (KICC), the facility will house production of the company’s next-generation 2020 Revero luxury electric vehicle and will provide the ultimate in customization, craftsmanship and technology integration. Karma’s new Revero, scheduled for dealer showrooms during the second half of this year, a partnership with Pininfarina and a Karma-designed Vision concept car, will debut next week at Auto Shanghai 2019 as part of the automaker’s “New Dawn” product showcase.

Karma's car seen on stage with employees behind the car.
Karma CEO Dr. Lance Zhou presents the next Karma vehicle to regional leaders.

“With a $100 million dollar investment and over 200 new jobs created in the Karma Innovation and Customization Center, Karma has transformed the landscape of our hearts and minds with the reintroduction of carmaking in our great city,” said Moreno Valley Mayor Dr. Yxstian A. Gutierrez.

“With every Revero masterfully crafted in Moreno Valley, we create new jobs, build community, and inspire future generations to dream on an ever grander scale.” — Dr. Lance Zhou, Karma CEO

“KICC’s skilled artisans take great pride in delivering distinctive luxury electric vehicle experiences through world-class design, technology and personalization,” said Karma CEO Dr. Lance Zhou. KICC is expected to play a key role in advancing the company’s previously announced Value Forward business strategy centered on nurturing and growing a presence in the luxury electric vehicle niche. Technological innovation and personalized customization are among the key elements of Karma’s business and product plan that spans the next decade.

Karma Innovation & Customization Center (KICC)
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Karma Innovation & Customization Center (KICC)

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